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D-Day 1944 (free)(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.9.10+eb04f8f)

<p>The digital board game had thrived on mobile, from Talisman to Carcassonne and beyond. Asmodee is behind some of the most popular ones, and their diverse library is currently on sale on the App Store.</p><p>The sale includes Ticket To Ride, Splendor, and several more, all either 1.99p / 1.99c or 2.99p / 2.99c. You can find the list below.</p>Pandemic: The Board Game - 1.99p / 1.99cTicket to Ride - 1.99p / 1.99cSmall World 2 - 1.99p / 1.99cSplendor - 1.99p / 1.99cColt Express - 2.99p / 2.99cPotion Explosion - 2.99p / 2.99cMysterium: The Board Game - 2.99p / 2.99c.

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