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In this category, you can find the list of Mod apk Games developed for Android Casino Games.

Talking Dinosaur(APK v1.1.1

Talking Dinosaur(MOD (Unlimited Money) v11.2

"You'll be famous yet, Paul. I always dreamed of having one famous pupil. He was to be a college president--but a great poet would be even better. Some day I'll be able to boast that I whipped the distinguished Paul Irving. But then I never did whip you, did I, Paul? What an opportunity lost! I think I kept you in at recess, however."....
Talking Dinosaur(MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.7.0

Talking Dinosaur(APK v1.1.8

And was my own fee-simple, not in part,....
Talking Dinosaur(MOD (Auto Win, Unlimited Skills) v3.02.03

Talking Dinosaur(MOD (Unlimited Diamonds) v1.10.29a

ACCORDING to an ancient legend, the first man was made by Jupiter, the first bull by Neptune, and the first house by Minerva. On the completion of their labors, a dispute arose as to which had made the most perfect work. They agreed to appoint Momus as judge, and to abide by his decision. Momus, however, being very envious of the handicraft of each, found fault with all. He first blamed the work of Neptune because he had not made the horns of the bull below his eyes, so he might better see where to strike. He then condemned the work of Jupiter, because he had not placed the heart of man on the outside, that everyone might read the thoughts of the evil disposed and take precautions against the intended mischief. And, lastly, he inveighed against Minerva because she had not contrived iron wheels in the foundation of her house, so its inhabitants might more easily remove if a neighbor proved unpleasant. Jupiter, indignant at such inveterate faultfinding, drove him from his office of judge, and expelled him from the mansions of Olympus....
Talking Dinosaur(APK v2.20.0

Talking Dinosaur(MOD (Unlimited Money) v0.95.1.92

"Now for breakfast," she said briskly. "I am of the opinion that we will all be glad of a bite and sup. You tell young Mrs. Doctor not to worry about a single thing--Susan is at the helm. You tell her just to think of her baby."...
Talking Dinosaur(MOD (Unlimited Ammo/Stars, Unlocked All Chapters) v1.0.71

Talking Dinosaur(APK v1.1.7

Cracked many a ring of posied gold and bone,...